Entertainment Venue Strategy Wellington, NZ

Development of a venue content strategy for WellingtonNZ's premier entertainment venue portfolio in the CBD/ Waterfront area to future-proof each venue including effective utilisation and improved visitor experience (undertaken with Gemba).


Wellington's entertainment venue portfolio includes a major arena (TSB Arena), two theaters (St. James Theatre and The Opera House), Town Hall, Michael Fowler Centre and two convention centres (new Convention Centre and Shed6).

The first step of the strategy was to analyse the existing content and utilisation of each venue, assess each building and leverage Gemba's consumer research to determine future demand. 

Based on the demand and asset assessment the next step was to develop a content acquisition strategy and value proposition for the WellingtonNZ portfolio including recommendations for each individual venue.

In consultation with key stakeholders future-proof solutions for some venues were explored in more detail to meet future demand. 


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